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Man accused of attacking ex defies contact ban to ‘like’ son’s photo on Facebook

A man banned from contacting his ex following allegations he attacked her has defied court orders to ‘like’ one of her photos.

Christopher Baumber, 24, was prohibited from contacting his former partner under a domestic violence protection order, Grimsby Live reports.

But less than a day later, he defied the court’s instructions and liked a number of posts, including replying to a picture of his son with a heart emoji.

Prosecuting for police, Jayne Parker, told Grimsby Magistrates’ Court that the order had been issued for the woman’s protection on April 17.

It followed allegations of assault, including punching her, causing her to stumble and going to her home, and banned any contact whatsoever including via social media.

Baumber, from Grimsby, admitted breaching the order on April 18.

“He has no reason to do this because he knows full well that the condition is in place,” Ms Parker said.

Mitigating, Vicky Lee said the post came to Baumber’s attention because his ex-girlfriend had tagged his mother in the picture.

He also “liked” another of her posts, which contained a memory of him.

The court was told the posts made the woman feel Baumber was watching her in a new way, and psychologically controlling her.

Baumber claimed that he did not realise that this constituted a breach of the court order.

He later said: “It’s stupid, isn’t it? It’s about liking something on Facebook.”

District judge Daniel Curtis said that the breach was at the lower end of the scale.

He added that there was no suggestion Baumber had been round to the house or made threats or used violence against the woman.

However, the judge warned that: “If it happens again, there is every chance that I will send you to custody.”

Baumber replied: “That won’t be happening.”

He was fined £100 and was ordered to pay £65 costs.

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