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Woman ‘couldn’t stop laughing’ after attempting to groom her dog in lockdown

Recently, Brits have been trying their hand at a number of activities that are probably best left to the hands of the professionals.

Since all non-essential businesses were forced to close, like pubs, restaurants and hairdressers, the number of people experimenting with new-found hobbies has only increased.

But, with this comes many potential failures – and we’ve seen a few.

The latest fail comes from a woman who tried to groom her dog.

Natalie Hinds was well aware that her Pomeranian was well overdue a trim, but since her dog groomer was closed, she was forced to attempt it herself.

Natalie said that she usually gets her pooch cut every three months at her local pet salon, but since it was closed she thought ‘how hard could it be?’ and ordered herself a pair of dog clippers from eBay.

After watching a YouTube video on how it should be done, she was set – or so she thought.

She told Mirror Online: “This was my only option.

“I’ve never tried this before, so, I had a quick look on YouTube.”

Once she was finished she sent a picture to her mum, who apparently “couldn’t stop laughing”.

Natalie also shared the before and after pictures to her Facebook for her friends to see.

A few people thought he looked “cute” and “gorgeous” but others weren’t so sure.

One said: “Why would you do that to the poor little fella??”.

Another also commented: “Natalie…poor dog”.

And a third asked: “How did he keep still for u? Did he not bite u?”, with which Natalie replied: “At first he tried to bite then when he realised it didn’t hurt him he chilled out and kinda liked it”.

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