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Man’s work from home blunder as everyone can see x-rated content on laptop

With a number of countries still on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are currently working from home.

Undoubtedly this means many will take advantage of the opportunity to stay in bed all day or wear hoodies to work everyday.

But one man decided to do something a bit more x-rated while out of the office.

The man, known only as Callum, appeared to suffer a rather embarrassing work from home blunder after a colleague informed him they could all see what was on his laptop screen.

And it turned out that in between doing his regular tasks, Callum had been watching porn.

A screenshot of an email sent to him about the incident was shared on Reddit.

It was posted by a user known as Cheesywheelchair who said: “Work is definitely the right time…”

The email, sent by a man named Gary is surprising though, as it doesn’t criticise Callum for not working, but instead provides some helpful advice.

Gary wrote: “Morning Callum, hope you feeling better. Can see you’re logged in via remote access.

“Your screen here is visible and we can all see you watching porn in between enquiries.

“If you go to the top of the screen there is a menu bar, one of the icons will have a black screen option, if you click on this it will blank out your office machine, so you can continue in private.”

The post went viral, garnering more than 35,000 up votes and over 350 comments.

Some were suspicious that the email was fake, but it was later confirmed to be a genuine exchange between two colleagues at a company intended as a joke.

Fake or not, the responses to the Reddit post were absolutely golden.

One person replied: “Gary’s actually being super cool about it. Definitely made the situation a bit less awkward.”

Another wrote: “Always assume IT knows every single thing you do on a work machine.”

A third added: “What if Callum wanted them to see?”

Someone else said: “I kinda want to just randomly send this to coworkers as a prank.”

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