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Man leaves friends petrified after investigating ‘footsteps’ coming from attic

A man who complained of hearing ‘creaky noises’ from his attic was encouraged to take his camera to investigate during a video chat with friends.

In the chat, which has been shared on Twitter, Rob Savage explains that he’s been hearing footsteps above his room coming from the attic.

One friend encourages him to go and have a look, as another suggests it might be caused by a rat infestation, so Rob grabs his camera to find out.

His friends persuade him not to take a knife and he set up a camera on the landing as he opens the attic door to the darkness above.

Rob’s friends are already feeling scared as he climbs the ladder with a torch, with one admitting they can’t bear to look, with Rob himself adding that his hands are ‘shaking’ as he enters.

The footage shows a creepy old attic like something straight from a horror film, as the camera shows dimly-lit dusty storage boxes piled up.

As he slowly pans round looking for what had been causing the noise, a bloodied child gives a chilling scream and reaches for the camera, while his friends also scream in horror watching on.

Rob and the camera appear to drop to the floor as his friends are shocked into silence, and one asks someone to call Rob who ‘isn’t moving’. But another is already ahead of them and says: “That is incredible, how did you do that!?”

That’s because Rob, an award winning filmmaker and horror director, had expertly reeled them in to play possibly the most terrifying prank we’ve ever seen.

In fact, it had been weeks in the making, with Rob leaving little hints to build the suspense, including tweeting about the ‘man’ he suspects was living his in attic.

Since Rob shared the clip on social media, it’s racked up nearly 90,000 views and left plenty of others screaming at their screens too.

One commented: “I jumped entirely out of my own dang skin.”

Another said: “I screamed and my daughter and husband now very cross with me for scaring them.”

A third wrote: “Dammit! I was waiting for it and still screamed.”

You can follow Rob on Twitter here – if you’re feeling brave enough.

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