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Open Sourcing Some Work

I’ve made it a point to start contributing more of my work back to the open source community i’ve gained so much from. So in next few days with permission from my employer, I am going to start contributing some simple tools that have made my life easier over here at Klout. Here is a list of some of the things i’m working on.

  • Storm Puppet module
  • Storm debian packaging
  • HBase rolling compact tool with ZooKeeper locks
  • HBase major_compaction script with ZooKeeper locks
  • HBase metrics collection script
  • HBase per-table load balancing calculation script
  • Hadoop GraphiteClient context
  • Kafka JMX Monitoring script
  • Diamond handler for Kafka
  • OpenTSDB GnuPlot options
  • MCollective Monit agent
  • Hadoop hiera puppet module
  • HBase hiera puppet module